How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Written by Funeral Home Resource on November 25 2011
How Much Does Cremation Cost?

How Much Does a Cremation Cost?

Cremation costs are a significant factor in the increasing popularity of cremation as an alternative to a traditional funeral and burial. The cost for cremation is just a fraction of an average cost of burial and funeral, a cost that includes a laundry list of services and products to bring the total over $10,000. So, exactly how much does cremation cost? According to the National Cremation Research Council, the most often charged direct cremation cost is under $2000. The average cost of cremation is even lower.

The Cost of Cremation

Part of the appeal of cremation is its simplicity, an appeal that extends to choice and cost structure. Planning a funeral means an extensive array of choices: funeral home, embalming, casket, type of service, flowers, and stationary--all before decisions regarding a final resting place are made. Planning cremation, on the other hand, often means making one choice--a choice of cremation provider. Cremation providers can be cremation only services or full service funeral homes, and offer the simplicity of service with a single phone call. Cremation costs are minimized, in part, because of the simplicity of the process. The cost for cremation includes transportation, cremation, and return of the cremated remains, but needn't include more complex services.

Some families, of course, will also want to plan a memorial service for a more formal goodbye. Cremation offers the flexibility of planning additional services. Those choosing an inexpensive cremation, however, can simply make one phone call to arrange direct cremation (cremation without intervening services), and keep the cremated remains or scatter the remains in a meaningful place to minimize cremation costs.

How Much is Cremation?

Direct cremation is imminently affordable and an increasingly popular option in the United States. Families that prefer formal services, or a memorial service to gather family and friends to say goodbye, can always choose a funeral before cremation or a memorial service after cremation. Though additional services increase cremation costs, a meaningful and respectful tribute can be planned in a non-traditional manner and still minimize costs.